Summer Makeup: Blue & Green Eyeliner

Für den Look habe ich bunte Lidschattencremes als Eyeliner benutzt und eine ausgebleichte Korallfarbe für die Lippen gemixt:
For this look I used colourful eyeshadow creams as eyeliners and mixed a bleached coral colour for the lips:

Das Make-up ist sehr simpel, aber farbenfroher als das, was ich normalerweise trage.
The makeup is very simple yet more colourful than what I usually wear. 
Die p2 artist cream eyeshadows (LE) als Eyeliner zu verwenden war etwas kniffliger, als ich anfangs gedacht hatte. Mit etwas Geduld ging es dann aber.
Using the p2 artist cream eyeshadows (LE) as an eyeliner was a bit more tricky than I had thought in the beginning. A little patience helped, though.
Diese Farben knallen! Obwohl ich sie nur für einen dünnen Lidstrich zweckentfremdet habe, stechen sie sehr hervor.
These colours pop! Although I only misused them to draw a thin eyeliner, they really stand out.

Für die Lippen habe ich einen Lippenstift sowie einen Lippenlack gemischt, um die gewünschte Farbe zu erzielen:
For the lips I mixed a lipstick as well as a lip lacquer to achieve the wanted colour:
Catrice – Ultimate Colour – 050 Princess Peach
p2 – couture lip polish + stain – 060 spotlights on!
Den Look habe ich so vor ein paar Tagen getragen, als es hier sehr warm war. Er hat einfach zu den Temperaturen und meiner Laune gepasst.
I wore this look a few days ago when it was quite warm here. It just fit the weather and my mood.

Experimentiert ihr im Sommer häufiger mit Farben?
Ich wünsche euch ein schönes Wochenende!
Do you experiment with colours more often in summer?
Have a lovely weekend!

18 responses to “Summer Makeup: Blue & Green Eyeliner

  1. lookbeyondbeauty

    This is such a popular look at the moment, I like it :))
    lets follow each other?🙂

  2. Can’t get over how strikingly pretty that looks🙂

  3. AHH love it!! So cool to do more than one color on the top line. YES.

  4. anastasiias

    Wow!! So bright and cool! I also have brown eyes and wasn’t sure should I try so-popular-now blue eyeliner or not. I think I will give it a try:)

  5. Such a beautiful look for you.

  6. Ohh wow! This is totally my kind of eye look. I absolutely love it, and it looks really gorgeous on you🙂 Tje colours are so bright!

    • Thank you! It’s so easy to do, isn’t it?🙂
      I might try the blue one on the lower lash line, too.

      • Yeah, less hassle than having to choose the right shades for the eyelid, crease, browbone.. etc! And it’s so bright without being too overpowering🙂
        I think that would look awesome too, but I’m still not used to having colour on my lower lashline! (it usually gets there throughout the day though xD)

      • Same! Especially khol pencils usually never stay on my lower lash line for too long. I think I’ll just try it, though🙂

  7. That looks amazing! xx

  8. Love the blue green ombre effect! Steph x

  9. catchthefairytale

    Sehr schön🙂

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