The No-Go TAG

Es ist wieder TAG-Time! Auf Youtube habe ich einige dieser “Geht gar nicht”- Videos gesehen und wollte das mal für den Blog machen.
It’s TAG-time again! I recently saw some German youtubers do a kind of “No Go”-Tag and wanted to do the same as a blog post. 

“No Go” ist vielleicht etwas hart formuliert von den Youtubern, denn möglich ist alles. Und natürlich wollen wir alle so weltoffen und tolerant wie möglich sein, aber mal ehrlich: es gibt eben immer ein paar Dinge, Kleinigkeiten, die man absolut nicht mag oder die einen nerven.  Die Antworten spiegeln meine persönliche Meinung wider. Ein paar Kategorien, die mir uninteressant schienen, habe ich übrigens abgeändert.
Perhaps “no go” sounds a bit hard as put by the youtubers because nothing’s impossible. And, surely, we all try to be as open-minded and tolerant as possible, but let’s be honest: there will always be a few things, little things, that we strongly dislike or that annoy us. The answers reflect my personal opinion. Btw, I changed a few categories that didn’t seem interesting to me.

1. Food & drinks: Brussel sprouts!
Concerning drinks, I choose alcohol. I rarely drink it anymore, which is also because of the taste.

2. Clothing: of course, feel free to wear what you want. Still, there are a lot of trends and styles I don’t like (neither on me nor on other people), but what’s always going to be a “no-go” for me are clothes that are too small! That’s just not comfy and it doesn’t look good, either. And real fur is a real no-go.
There are certain labels like Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch that I’d never shop at, either.

3. Music: German schlager music, German folk music (urgh), and anything that’s like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj etc.

4. Smells, scents: the smell of petrol at petrol stations. And people who smell like alcohol and smoke. Very strong perfumes are also a no-go as they give me headaches.

5. Seasons: Winter –  too cold, too gloomy, and I’m always sick. The older I get the more I dislike it. Spring – hello, hay fever… if it wasn’t for the allergies, spring wouldn’t be that bad, I guess.

6. Sweets, candy: I eat almost anything that’s sweet but I dislike licorice.

7. Youtube: inappropriate comments. I recently stumbled upon a GRWM video by a young woman who obviously suffered from a disease making her look different than most people. Some of the comments were so cruel they made me sick. I thought “That woman probably isn’t having the easiest life anyway, so why do people have to rub it in? So, just because she looks different she’s not allowerd to be on YT?” Of course, there’s a freedom of speech and you have to be aware of haters once you are on YT. Still, such comments are just rude, hurtful, and not helping.

8. People (in general): I openly admit I condemn mankind for lots of things as it never ceases to disgust me. As far as everyday life goes (I could write a novel at this point as well),  people who don’t account for their own mistakes annoy me. Rude, unfriendly people who take their anger out on other innocent people. People who constantly bitch about other people.. yeah, I guess I’ll just say people.

9. Films, TV: anything that’s brainwashing and manipulating. I usually don’t watch much TV anymore. 90% of what’s showing is sheer garbage.
Films – well, good horror films are a no-go (most of the time), because, sadly, I am the biggest coward on earth..

10. Hair: obviously fake extensions, super damaged hair. Aaaand: undercuts and sidecuts… They can look okay on guys, but I dislike them on women. I’d never ever get one.

11. Party: attention-craving folks. Anyone who causes bad vibes and forces his/her negativity on other people. Pushy people.

12. Social media: exposing your entire life/privacy. That’s just not for me.

13. Holidays, travelling: BAD WEATHER, stress, and unfriendly people. I’d go pretty much anywhere, but those three things would certainly ruin my holidays.

14. Sounds: I know they are important, but I despise the sound of sirens on fire trucks or ambulances (at least here in Germany). Way too loud (whenever I hear them, I press my hands on my ears) and they just make me go crazy. And fingernails on chalkboards. Urgh.

Was seht ihr ähnlich und was ganz anders? Fühlt euch alle getaggt und sagt mir gerne Bescheid, wenn ihr mitmacht. 
What do you agree/disagree on? Feel tagged and let me know when you participate.🙂

12 responses to “The No-Go TAG

  1. Interesting tag! I agree with you on lots of things. About youtube.. it drives me crazy. Comments people leave under beauty videos..I just can’t understand why. People demand a lot from famous beauty-bloggers, they count their money, they tell they changed.. and write rude things. I saw under all famous bloggers I watch the same sh*t. It feels people hate just to hate with no reason. There are 1% of people who don’t like something in video and comment nicely just stating their opionion without offending anyone. And about social media, exposing life…something ese I’m sick of. I just can’t understand why? Some people share everything on fb, other show how perfect everything around them, etc. I know a girl who all the time post somehting about her family, all the time.. how happy she is, how beloved her husband is, how beautiful and smart her not-so-long-time-ago-born-girl, etc, what cookies she made, what tea her husband made for her.Every single day! It makes me think not how happy they are but how fake this all sounds. If you are happy and love your husband so much why not to tell him? why not just to post once in a while some photos of your family, For whom she is writing and posting all this every day? Whom is she trying to convince? The more I’m on social media and youtube the more I don’t like it.

    • Thanks for your thorough answer! Yes, it must be pretty hard to be a successful youtuber considering all the haters you have to deal with. Of course, there are also youtubers out there who HAVE changed and who don’t seem trustworthy..
      I often think about how times have changed.. I’ve gotten a bit used to the fact that people share almost everything on social media (I’m even on Instagram, too, haha, but I don’t post about my family, friends etc.. and I “quit” facebook and only use it for private messaging). But yeah, I’m pretty much the same and I also get annoyed by those who constantly have to tell you how happy or sad they are.
      I’d love to read your version of this tag!🙂

      • anastasiias

        There are also type of people who check-in everywhere:D I know a couple who used to check-in in every cafe and bar they go. We went together to a bar and first thing they did? Check-in and post on facebook:)

        May be I will make such post also:) Thank you for a good idea!

      • Urgh yeah, I hate that, too. I find it so rude when you meet up with someone and he/she is constantly staring at his/her phone..
        Yep, would love to read your post!🙂

  2. Interessanter Tag.🙂 Besonders bei Punkt 8 und 9 kann ich dir absolut zustimmen, ich mag es überhaupt nicht, dass so wenig Verantwortung übernommen wird. Ich denke vielleicht an andere Dinge als du, aber das ist ein wirklich wichtiger Punkt und bei mir ausschlaggebend, wie viel Respekt ich Leuten entgegen bringen kann…
    Punkt 12 finde ich selbst sehr schwierig. Ein unglaublich weites Thema, angefangen vom Umgang mit sozialen Medien im Kindesalter, wo ganz merkwürdige Konzepte in den Kinderköpfen entstehen. Ich persönlich schreibe gern über Privates, aber habe auch ganz klar Bereiche, über die ich nie auf dem Blog schreiben würde oder nur sehr begrenzt. Das gilt v.a. für Dinge, wo andere Personen aus meinem Privatleben mit betroffen sind. Ist auf jeden Fall etwas, das man sich gut überlegen sollte.
    Schön ein bisschen mehr über dich und deine Ansichten zu erfahren.🙂
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Ja, das kann man sicherlich auf viele Punkte beziehen. Es ist sicherlich nicht immer leicht zu seinen Fehlern zu stehen (wer tut das schon gerne), aber gerade bei wichtigen Dingen und Aufgaben, bei denen es um große Verantwortung geht, finde ich es wichtig.
      Das stimmt, man kann auch über gewisse private Dinge schreiben, solange man sich seine eigenen Grenzen setzt. Ich find’s nur immer wieder erstaunlich, wie selbstverständlich vor allem manche Blogger & Youtuber so über manches Privates schreiben oder vor der Kamera plaudern (und in welchem Ausmaß).. nunja, das muss jeder selbst wissen🙂
      Würde mich freuen, wenn du bei dem Tag auch mitmachen würdest! Du kannst die Kategorien ja auch abändern, wenn dir irgendwas zu persönlich sein sollte.

      • Ja absolut. Muss zwar jeder selbst wissen, aber das gilt auch nur für Erwachsene. Bin immer wieder schockiert mit was für Bildern/Videos/Infos wirklich Kinder sich im Internet rumtreiben und ich denke viele, die gedankenlos Infos preisgeben, wurden auch nie sinnvoll mit dem Medium vertraut gemacht. Finds schon gut, dass ich erst spät freien Zugang dazu hatte und jetzt selbst und reflektiert entscheiden kann, was ich teile und was nicht…
        Ja, mach ich gerne demnächst mal.🙂

  3. Each category I read from you I’m (internally) jumping up and down in agreement saying ‘YAAS’

  4. Hehe. I agree with you no-go’s whole heartedly!! Good ones 😊

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