Christmas Wishlist (TAG)

The lovely Mammu tagged me to do the Christmas Wishlist TAG which I’ll gladly do, of course!

The rules for this tag:
1. write a post with at least 5 things you’d like to receive for Christmas (a book, a trip, a makeup product, whatever you wish) and mention the blog where this tag originated from – Mercury – and who tagged you, write what this tag is about and add the logo
2. tag other 10 blogs & let them know

“Cause we are living in a material world…”
Ok, so I’ll leave out my non-material priorities such as health, happiness, and peace. Obviously, we put these first and they are “valid” every day, so let’s focus on the little secondary things (which are more fun to talk about, aren’t they?).


This is probably my most “urgent” item on my wishlist, I just don’t know yet which ones to get. My current headphones  are basically fine and deliver a great sound, however, they’re not comfortable enough for long listening sessions and the ear pads are already a bit broken.

#Carli Bybel Palette (BH Cosmetics)

I remember watching Carli’s video when she showed her viewers that palette for the first time. Seriously, I didn’t expect such a pretty selection of colours that look so nice when swatched or worn.

#Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Is there anyone out there who tried these and isn’t satisfied? It seems everyone (including makeup artists) who tried MUG eyeshadows is more than pleased by the quality. Plus, the shadows are cruelty-free. I have a few colours in mind that I’d like to try someday. Just recently I found out they’re now available on beautybay as well.

#Makeup Brushes – Zoeva / Sigma / Real Techniques

I already love the brushes by these brands. Whether it’s the Zoeva 227, Sigma F40 or several RT brushes – I’m really pleased with the quality and results when working with them. I’d be happy to add some more to my collection now that I’ve got rid of and given away some brushes I just didn’t need anymore.

#A fresh, not too citrus-y scent for every day

Ah, I wish it’d be easier to find that certain scent. Just because I like a scent today, it doesn’t mean I’ll like it tomorrow. It’s kind of annoying when you easily get bored or disgusted by a scent you once liked or even loved. I’d like to have one that’s kind of refreshing yet is neither too citrus-y nor too floral nor too powdery (as in baby powder) nor too soapy. I find it hard to find one that fits my picky expectations (that even I can’t quite describe!). So, if you have any ideas, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

#House of Cards – Season 1

Not really that necessary but it’d be very, very nice to have. As I still haven’t figured out what series to watch next, I even thought about re-watching HoC..

#DSLR Camera

This isn’t exactly Christmas related but a large purchase I’d like to make myself someday.. sooner or later. First of all, I want to read & learn more about that topic, carefully look into it, try and test different models whenever I have the chance.

I tag:
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And even if I didn’t nominate you – please feel encouraged to do this tag as well!🙂

12 responses to “Christmas Wishlist (TAG)

  1. Thank you for participating in my tag!:mrgreen:

  2. Vielen Dank fürs taggen😀 Klingt nach Spaß, das werde ich unter Garantie im Dezember mal niederschreiben🙂 Ich liebe Zoeva Brushes auch sehr.

  3. Good list! About everyday perfume.. u are so right! I have few but I want to find some citrusy one which is not too citrus and not like airrefreshener and not direct scent like pure orange or something like that:D Do you have zara in your city? Zara Femme in white not transparent bottle with golden lid (lid? or how u call it?) is a nice scent..not fresh but not deep or too powdery or musky. It’s nice soft feminine scent:) And cheap.))
    About tv series.. I don’t know what you like actually. But can recommend Outlander.. I love it!!! Grimm if you like fantastic detective stories, if you want short fun Younger (it’s only one season now), then Benched – it’s funny, sarcastic but they won’t continue it so it’s just one season I guess and also Forever.. very nice detective with a bit of fantastic tv series which also “discountinued” and it made me upset and also a lot of other people who loved this tv series but you can still watch what they filmed.
    About DSLR camera.. this is hard and easy at the same time. There are two camps of photo lovers.. Nikon and Canon:D You don’t need to buy the most expensive or the latest camera as it’s not vital ,what vital is to learn basics and later you can get different lenses if you’d like for different purposes (and they are expensive:/). Of course if someone will present you or you can buy without thinking about price you can get just the coolest one:D But it’s you who makes photos and now just helps you so more expensive won’t make you instantly professional))

    • A lot of people like Chancel Chance Eau Tendre or Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche. Have you tried those? I haven’t checked them out yet, but I’m afraid they could have too much of that citrus. Versace Versense is also quite popular: I tried it but it didn’t overwhelm me, might have to try again.
      Yes, we have a Zara store here🙂 I’ll see if I can find and test the one you mentioned!
      Concerning TV series, I like Breaking Bad, Sherlock, House of Cards, Sons of Anarchy, True Detective (season 1), Hannibal..
      “Benched” sounds interesting, I’ll look into that one. It’s just that I find it so hard to get used to new series if you know what I mean?😀 All I want is the new season of House of Cards..
      Haha, yes! That’s what I read in an article by a professional photographer: you either take Nikon or Canon as a beginner😀 Yes, exactly, it doesn’t have to be the newest/most expensive camera. The photographer, however, also said if one is really interested in DSLR and photography in general, it’d be better to invest in a camera of the middle price range that is still easy enough to be used by beginners.
      Do you have a DSLR? What do you (not) recommend?

      • I tried some Chanel Chance but not sure which. It was nice but it was not my scent. Something I like on others. For example Chloe Chloe is nice scent, very feminine,but i like it on someone and I feel it’s not my thing when I tried to wear it.
        About cameras, I have Canon 500D from 2010 if I remember right. I actually don’t follow how bad or good it’s for 2015:D I’m not professional obviously, I make some photos not beauty related from time to time as hobby. I think photographer who told u about cameras is right. I don’t see sense from start to invest in expensive camera and htere is no sense to buy the cheapest just to buy. Consider it as makeup. You want something good, functional and you don’t want to overpay.:D I believe if photography will become something more than just a hobby for yourself in time you will be able to change it on newer/better/more expensive one. There some nice [hotography book with all genres in one .If i remeber or find its name I will let you know. It’s not about technical basics but more about photo genres.

      • I understand what you mean cause I feel the same about most Chloé scents – they smell lovely on others, but they don’t suit me. They’re just too soapy and have that “dry” smell like old powder.
        Yes, exactly my thoughts🙂 Ok sure, if you find out the name of the book, I’ll gladly check it out!

  4. Thanks for tagging me! Let’s hope I can complete the yeah before Xmas! Haha
    Oh I’m team Canon😉

  5. Ach ja, eine gute Kamera, ein paar hübsche Pinsel, gefühlte 100 Nagellacke… Meine Liste ist auch ganz schön lang.😀 Ich glaub ich schaff den TAG aber zeitlich nicht mehr, bin mit unserer Challenge grade ziemlich ausgebucht, aber danke, dass du an mich gedacht hast.🙂 Sieht man dich eigentlich auch nochmal auf Insta? Hab dich da ein wenig vermisst. :-*

    • Nicht schlimm, vllt magst du ja irgendwann eine generelle Wishlist posten?🙂
      Haha, wie lieb! So komisch es klingt, aber ich hab Insta gar nicht mehr im Hinterkopf oder vergesse meist, dass ich das überhaupt habe😀😀 Kennst du das?
      Selbst wenn ich ein passendes Motiv habe, irgendwas sehe, was ich posten könnte, ist mir das einfach nicht so bewusst.. ist auch mal ganz “befreiend”, wenn man nicht andauernd das Internet und soziale Medien im Kopf hat😉
      Ich werde aber hoffentlich demnächst mal dran denken, dass ich es 1. habe und 2. auch mal Fotos mache, wenn ich ein passendes Motiv habe ;D LG

      • Ich denke ich verlinke meine pinterest wunschliste irgendwo auf dem blog, die ist schon recht vollständig🙂
        Haha. Nee, das Kenn ich ehrlich gesagt nicht. Auf insta bin ich inzwischen schon täglich aktiv ^^

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